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Triple Helix Robotics produces inflection points: in the personal growth of our students and in the strength of other competitive youth STEM teams in our community. Our work helps develop the young leaders who will drive our region’s knowledge economy.

We make permanent, positive change in these areas– causing fundamental shifts in outcomes for the individual students we engage, a revitalized culture of engineering excellence in teams we reach, and the continued sustainable growth of a network of young people who are enthusiastic about the real work of science and technology careers. We do all this with a proven tool: the FIRST Robotics Competition. FRC gives us a way to pair students and technical professionals to co-investigate hard, exciting problems in STEM. Along the way, Triple Helix students develop rewarding relationships and learn an empowering personal truth: that it’s fun to work incredibly hard on complex problems as a member of a team, learning together alongside peers and mentors.

Triple Helix is passionate about high-quality documentation and the iterative engineering design process, and we demonstrate these passions in our prototype testing videos, whitepapers, and conference presentations.