DIY ‘encoder stage’ for VersaPlanetary

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A procedure for adding a hall-effect gear tooth sensor within the input stage of a VexPro VersaPlanetary gearbox. Requires modification of several inexpensive COTS parts; these modifications can be done by any moderately-capable FRC team in a reasonable amount of time and without use of external machining resources. This results in a robust encoder “stage” which performs comparably to a high-quality optical encoder, but for approximately 1/3 the cost.


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Triple Helix west coast drivetrains FRC Summit talk

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Triple Helix mentor Todd Ferrante presents on the team’s west coast drivetrain designs at the 2014 FRC Summit at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. In the talk, Todd describes our efforts to develop a west coast drivetrain, using commercial off the shelf components, for fast building during build season. Our drivetrains have evolved through several generations. Todd describes some of the features of the various versions and talks about lessons learned during the development process.