2018 IRI application

Triple Helix students proudly submitted the following application to the 2018 Indiana Robotics Invitational, a competitive and prestigious annual offseason FRC tournament in the Indianapolis area.

Our application was accepted, and Triple Helix competed at the event with a 2-7-0 record and a final ranking of 62 of 70 teams.

What competitions did you attend in 2018?

What was your best performance this year?

  • Northern Virginia: 5th seed, 1st pick of alliance 2, Quarterfinalist
  • Hampton Roads: 5th seed, 1st pick of alliance 1, Semifinalist, Chairman’s Award
  • District Championships: 19th seed, 1st pick of alliance 3, Quarterfinalist

Based on statistics, the team’s best performance was at the Hampton Roads district event. We were ranked fifth after qualification matches, our team was the first pick of the first seeded alliance, and we were semi-finalists at the event. However, based on our individual robot performance, our best event was the Chesapeake District Championship. At this event, we were able to consistently place cubes on the scale in autonomous and completed double climbs with compatible robots.

Are there any special circumstances we need to know about?

Our strategy for the FIRST Power Up game has evolved throughout the competition season. Initially, our end game strategy was to deploy 2 lifting mechanisms for other robots to drive up on. After the end of the second district event we attended, the team decided that it would be a better strategy to deploy a self climbing mechanism that gave enough space for another robot to climb. This plan was successfully executed at the Chesapeake district championship multiple times. The team is proud to qualify for World Championship for the 5th time in a row this year. But unfortunately, the team finances could not support our attendance this year.

Link to a team video, if you would like to share one.