Our mission

A consistent leader in advocating for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in the region of Hampton Roads Virginia, Triple Helix seeks to spread understanding and appreciation for STEM disciplines within our community by:

Building both life skills and
world-class competition robots

In the course of their work, our students become proficient team members and grow their responsibility, time management skills, and accountability. Triple Helix is at the forefront of a cultural movement which produces students well prepared for leadership roles in their future careers.

Engaging in iterative
and collaborative learning

A close simulation of a small engineering firm, Triple Helix grows working relationships between students and mentors as we together co-investigate real, tough problems in STEM. Mentors facilitate high-level student decision-making and develop students as independent thinkers and leaders.

Exemplifying gracious professionalism

We foster a winning spirit and encourage team members to reach for their maximum potential. Triple Helix team members exemplify good citizenship by taking an active role in our community. We build great robots and we also grow great people who will lead the future knowledge economy.

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Who makes it possible?

More information about the team

Triple Helix Robotics competes in the FIRST Robotics Competition as Team 2363. Founded in 2007 at Menchville High School in Newport News, Virginia with the assistance of a grant from our founding partner the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL), Triple Helix is now a community-based team involving students from across Hampton Roads. The team’s wide-reaching membership allows us to expand student access to scientific and technical education throughout the region. Triple Helix is proud to represent NASA Langley Research Center as one of its two house teams.

Triple Helix Robotics is an all-volunteer organization made up of hardworking students and mentors. Our team’s high level of technical competence has enabled us to regularly compete on the world stage. Triple Helix shares our expertise by providing in-person mentor support, sharing and donating resources, publishing whitepapers, and making conference presentations. A commitment to excellence is “in our genes!”

Our major accomplishments include:

At least 93% of our students pursue college educations, with 80% entering a STEM career path. Graduating seniors report that their Triple Helix experiences award them “a glimpse into the type of job I want to have professionally, a more complete understanding of project management, friendships that I will never forget, and leadership skills to take into college and the workplace.” Another stated “I learned what I wanted to do in life.

                                                        Triple Helix competed in the 2023 FIRST Championship and won the Innovation in Control award. The team also won every in-season event in the 2022 and 2023 sessions. Triple Helix also also did not let the disruption of moving shops into the 2024 session affect them significantly, with the lowest in-season result being eliminated in the semifinals and the best result being a win in the 2nd competition.

Triple Helix established the Rumble in the Roads as the premier offseason FIRST Robotics Competition tournament in southeast Virginia.  A collaboration between Triple Helix, Blackwater Robotics, and the Cat 5 Cybercanes, the Rumble engages over 30 teams in a one-day competition each fall.  The Rumble is open to the public and free to attend.

We’ve been officially recognized as a cultural asset in our community. The intent of the City of Newport News Cultural Attractions Fund is to “add to the quality of life in the community and enhance the City’s ability to attract and retain businesses and residents.”  Triple Helix is a cultural force that enables students to experience STEM as a thrilling, challenging competition– a proven method for producing STEM culture leaders.

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