Genome Nu (2022) pre-match checklist

Triple Helix’s pit crew ensured that our 2022 robot, Genome Nu, was ready for each match by working through the following checklist.

  • Periodically inspect all wire connections
    • Power: battery->breaker->PDP->Controller->Motor
    • CAN: RIO->can devices->PDP
  • Inspect each swerve module
    • Clean movement
    • Carpet fuzz
  • Inspect belts for wear
  • Inspect shooter wheel tread for wear
  • Inspect climbing hooks for smooth operation after use
  • Clean intake flaps with alcohol when needed
  • Charge pneumatic system (with old battery)
  • Log and install a new battery. Secure loose battery cables with zip-tie.
  • Check proper auto switch setting
  • Push the hood all the way down to the lowest position