2023 IRI application

Triple Helix students have proudly submitted the following application to the 2023 Indiana Robotics Invitational, a competitive and prestigious annual offseason FRC tournament in the Indianapolis area.

What competitions did you attend in 2023?

What was your best performance of 2023?

At the Chesapeake District Championship, we were ranked 2nd after qualifications and formed an unbeatable alliance, emerging with a 5-0-0 record in the playoffs. This achievement marked our seventh consecutive win in the FIRST Chesapeake District over two seasons. Closing out this extraordinary season, we finished rank #30 in the USA and #34 worldwide (statbotics.io).

Do you have any special circumstances?

In addition to our on-field success, we have maintained a large reach in the FRC community through our presence on YouTube and our website publications. We accumulated over 31,000 views this year for our reveal and prototyping videos, and have over 350,000 lifetime views. Many innovations we’ve shared during the season have been adopted by other teams across the country, including our autonomous path planning optimization software, our auto camera LED alignment system, our two wheel intake design, and our simultaneous three-camera custom vision system. Joel Noble of FRC 1339 stated “I’ve personally benefited the most over many years from 95 and 2363 content, both of which continue to be a model for open development and design.”